Notes of Comfort

Have you ever just one of those days? The days where you just have the blues? You want to crawl underneath your covers, or just be left alone? I have had a few of those days and at one point it too took time to come out of the funk, as I like to call it. It was a total stumble upon one day as I listened to the radio and this song came on that just made me smile. It really helped me to get away for a few minutes but it also activated my imagination.

This song came out a few years ago, but I still have it ready to go on my Ipod & ITunes. It is by Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”, this song in particular takes me to a place where I let my hair free and am basking in the ocean air.

I find comfort in the words and the notes that really help me to put things into perspective. On some days, it gets my creativity grooving, and others it helps me to really just brighten my spirits. This is just one of many songs but this is worth mentioning.

You might also have that one song that brings a smile upon your face. So why not use that comfort and channel that towards yourself. It is surprising how little we must do to help ourselves, but yet why do we take so long to realize it?

  1. Mitesh on Sunday 23, 2009

    You know I never really thought about the song that gives me comfort… Thanks for giving me something to explore about myself…

    I guess this just proves — there is always more for us to learn even about ourselves…