To Cope or Not To Cope

I am sure we all know of that saying – “what comes up must come down.” We all feel that if things are too good to be true then it probably is. I believe that it is all perspective. There will be times when you will feel great and other times when you feel like it is really just raining on you. It happens.

There was a time when I was walking on air and I felt that things were just barely falling into place they way they should be. You can call it my road map of life. The truth is that it was the road map that everyone else had pictured for me. It is not want I really wanted. I was barely beginning to realize what it is that I wanted to pursue in life, relationships, and friendships.
Looking back, it is one of my life’s greatest lessons and I have been learning from it every single day. You can either take what is in front of you or chose to let it own you. If you are going through tough times, it is easier to let it control you than to have a positive outlook. I should know, I am still there sometimes.

I refer to this as tunnel vision, as we are all guilty of doing this at one point in time. Why is it that when we are faced with so many obstacles we don’t focus on what is going to help us to move ahead? Here are a few tips that I believe can help you in your time of need:

Find your outlet: Talk to someone whom you trust. This has to be someone who will listen to you and not just for the sake of it. This person should be able to really help you and guide you through what is really bothering you.

Find an Activity: It has been proven time and time again that finding an activity outside your normal life will make you a fulfilled person. I agree with that 100%. My outlet is blogging, working out, and dancing. You can do anything as long as it helps you to relax. Find that book that you enjoy and read it and just soak it in.

Spiritual Guidance: I am not going to say that you have to practice a certain faith or ideology. But, try to really find something that you believe in. I find that sometimes sitting alone in a religious sanctuary can provide me room to really reflect. It does not matter how you do it, but I do and it helps.

This may sound arbitrary but if you apply yourself and focus on you it will work.

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