Noteworthy Reads II

It has been a while since I have posted a book for you to consider for past-time reading. I am sure many of you have heard of PostSecret. If you haven’t then you are missing out! The author collects postcards of people’s secrets. Of course, this is all anonymous but many people also leave their own secrets inside the book for someone else to read. It is an interesting concept, and I believe that it allows for some people to get a new lease on life. I know of someone who had their ‘secret’ published onto the PostSecret blog.

I subscribe to the blog and it is so neat to see all of these postcards with secrets on them. for some individuals these are notes of unrequited love, and others that are afraid to make a bold statement. I have yet to find a hard copy in a bookstore but I hope to pick up a copy and find someone else’s secret in it.

The main philanthropy for PostSecret is suicide prevention and I really do appreciate how this project has turned global and allowed for so many people to relate to one another through a postcard. It just goes to show that there are individuals and organizations alike that are doing their part to help a stranger.

If you like you can find the official PostSecret blog here:

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