Living in the Moment Series – Be

Be: Feel the effect of your own presence in the present, and refresh yourself with each moment that goes by.

Picture a social event and everyone is taking notice to that person in the room that just walked in. There is nothing spectacular except that this person exudes a glow that leaves you in awe. You of course, go back to your networking and meet amazing people throughout the night. You get home and wonder to yourself what did that person do that was so different than what you did.

The truth is that there is nothing different except that the other person had the confidence and owned the room. This person was not afraid to be him/her self, and made sure that everyone take notice. The likelihood that this person had also gained some sort of envy is definite. But who said that it was wrong to be yourself? I respect those that are okay being themselves; it is up to you to chose to accept them. I am not advocating that you accept certain things; the beauty is that we get to pick and choose whom we want in our lives.

My perspective and experience dictates that those who are comfortable in their own skin tend to tune out the negativity and focus on what matters. They take notice to what counts and disregard the rest. By nature, I am a really private person and only share with certain people in my life. However, I do consider myself an extrovert and love to meet new people and make a difference. It may sound like an oxymoron to you, but it works for me. Out of all the people that you have come across, how many of them do you really know that well enough with your very private matters? Not that many I bet.

The reason why I started this series was a way for me to teach you to focus on what matters. Take every single moment and treasure them. The final piece is that by learning to embrace living in the moment and recognizing your fears. All of us have fears and they come up at what feels like at a really inconvenient time. In all honesty, I am not afraid to be me. I believe that I do the best that I can and if one cannot accept me for who I am (which means the most positive and some negative traits) then he/she is not important enough to make a difference now and even later.

I hope that you enjoyed reading these series as much as I have had in sharing with you. Until the next post, happy reflecting!

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