Living in the Moment Series – Invest

Invest: Do not just observe the world around you; join it. Allow your mind to observe and interpret what you see, hear, and feel. Care about the moment.

I have noticed that when I am going through a lot I tend to face it head on. I rather face it than to hide it, because when I do have down time I do not want to be reminded of what is not going so well in my life. We all know that life is not perfect, but we only have this one life and I want to make sure that I leave my footprint in this world.

We are invested in our lives, whether we see it or not. It could be your friendships that allow you to grow together or grow apart. I have found that it is not the number of years that you may know someone that makes them your best friend. It is how much effort both parties make to build and grow as friends. You learn to discuss and of course, confront certain situations with friends that may be awkward. We have all been there – confrontation is no one’s pick by all means.

I learned that the closest of friends are the ones that I can actually speak to and they will listen. When I am faced with certain situations that made me feel like I was mistaken or hurt, I have the strength to talk it out. However, the more toxic friendships where I was unable to really convey how I felt without being blamed have been removed from my life. Investing in your own life takes time but it also allows you to grow as a person. It is a wise person who once said, that ‘you need to take care of you, the rest shall follow.’ Speaking from experience, it holds true for me. The minute I removed certain aspects from my life and placed stronger focus on what I needed to do great things started to occur. Sometimes it was the little things and at times a few greater ones.

Instead of sitting back and not really getting involved, take the step and just do it. Call your friends and your family and schedule in time to spend quality time together. Try to learn something new and invest in them as they have invested in you. We are fortunate to be blessed with people in our lives, so take notice and do something about it. It really is as simple as that.

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