Living in the Moment Series – React

React: Living in the moment does not mean sailing through untouched. Respond to the here and now as it happens.

I remember when it was raining on me – things were not going right for the life of me. It was a time where my most treasured friends turned out to be otherwise. By nature, I took a lot of this grief on and a lot of the blame. The one thing I did learn was that it was okay for me to react to my own emotions. I was able to reach out to one of my closest friends, and she really made me see the light. I was justified in the way I felt and that I was not doing myself a favor by taking all the blame.

Her time and continued support have always been with me and I really do count on her to this day for guidance because I know she will not steer me the wrong way. Over time, we heal and name them or battle wounds. I call it my time and experience, all is forgiven and I have moved onto better things. This allowed me to finally experience and react to things that matter. This is not an overnight fix or anything – as all things require time before you get to see a big difference.

When you get a paper cut you get a reaction. If it is a small one it will sting more than you realize. You flinch in pain and do something to fix it. This is a reaction.

You go on first date with a guy goes well and you want to see him again. You get a euphoria that you can’t even explain to your own friends. That is a reaction.

The graduate program that you have been long trying to gain acceptance into arrives. Your life changes for the next few years. That is a reaction.

There are so many occurrences in our lives but they all provoke a reaction within us. The first date, school, new job or car, making a new friend, or meeting your life partner that will evoke more reactions than one even express. That is the beauty of life and we have the chance to make it the best. So go out there and react to what is around you. You won’t regret it.

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