Sometimes it is hard to let go of memories that at one point were sweet nothings, but turned into something that is more than just bittersweet. When it comes to anything in life we have to be able to move forward, keeping in mind the lessons we learned and apply them with any situation. Recently a part of my own past made its way to the present, and I was fortunate that I have individuals in my life who are honest and value such friendships.

What I learned is that we have to look for the positive in everything, and although it may not make sense at the moment it will one day. Each life lesson is supposed to mold us and help us find our purpose. Forgiveness is a challenge for everyone, but that can also mean that we forgive the ‘situation’ and heal ourselves.

Today, it may be hard for you to take that step forward, but if you have help in moving forward take it. I did and it has helped me more than words can describe. It has built my confidence and allowed me to pursue much more than I would have ever known otherwise.

So I ask you, have you ever had a hard time letting go? What did you do to help yourself move forward?

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