I believe that we all go through period in time where we can be an inspiration to others, but find it so challenging to do the same when it applies to yourself. As of late, finding direction has been a challenge for me. When we start to see things falling into place, it is our tendency to want to have it all. We are only human.

Lately I too have felt a loss in my own sense of direction. While I am grateful for all of the amazing people that I am fortunate to have around me, at times it becomes foggy. I have accomplished much but sometimes I feel that I can do so much more. The dilemma is finding your way through the fog. Life gives us many challenges and we can handle it to the best of our own abilities.

I have found that people will always give you advice that may not be what your looking for, but we must learn to look inwards. I have been in this situation more than often, and at times others words hurt more than we even realize. I learned that I cannot feel guilty for how others make me feel, especially when we share with those we feel closest. It is a lesson that we must all learn but an important one that allows us to gather enough courage and strength to move forward. It takes time and it may even mean that you have to focus on you, but that does not mean that you are doing anything out of the ordinary.

So when you do feel like life is overwhelming take the time to write out your thoughts. It is great to share with your closest friends and family, however, it is human nature to provide guidance as well. It is your choice to absorb their words or know that your inner voice will guide you to what is right. After all, you are the one that is living your life and you know what is best for you.

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