We have all been there at one point or another. You meet someone and your heart hears a whisper that this could be something special. You try with all of your own effort. You hear that ‘voice’ inside of you that brings out your fears and doubts. You try and try again to find a place in someone’s heart. It doesn’t always pan out that way.

Your heart wants to be able to talk openly without any regret. The heart is pure – it feels every single emotion. When someone disappoints you it feels like such a let down. I can say that when this has happened to me I fall into the trap of self-blame. We tend to blame ourselves when the other person falls short of grace, humanity, or respect. We tend to make ourselves feel so small when you did nothing wrong. Sometimes someone will say all of the right things but chose to not act on them. We are all here on a journey and it takes courage to open your heart. You should be proud of yourself for making yourself vulnerable. In love and in friendships if the person does not respect you then the hardest thing for you to do is to close that chapter. I have been there one too many times. It does get easier with time. I assure you don’t waste time blaming yourself for being you. 

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