The Pursuit of You

I always had this belief that my life would always go according to ‘the plan.’ You all know what I am talking about. The plan after you graduate from high school, college, grad school, etc., etc., The list can go on forever. I can say that my life has not gone according to plan – and I am totally okay with that too. Surprisingly, most people might scoff at this and think wow you really must not care. But, I disagree. It is the total opposite, I care so much that I am fortunate my life did not go according to the plan that I set out for myself, or what other’s had set out for me. I am glad that I followed my instinct and did not follow the path that most people traveled to get ahead in life. I learned more about myself and others along the way. That is most rewarding if you ask me. So in your time of need here are some tips that I can provide for you – at least to get you started on the road to your ‘new plan’:

1. Follow the road less traveled

So you have decided to follow a path that is not conventional when it comes to your peers and family. I find it inspiring when individuals go against the grain of what is acceptable and seek out their purpose in life. It is rare, and believe me you are in a very fortunate position. Not many people know what it is that they really want to pursue in life. If you want to be a doctor, musician, photographer, lawyer, etc., then make it happen because you want this dream to come true. Do not pursue it because someone else is making you do something that is not for you.

2. Do what makes you happy

Let’s face it we are all in some form individuals who are out to please others. If you are not, then that is okay too. Really it is. I have this habit of always watching out for others and putting myself last. In that sense, I genuinely enjoy making others happy and seeing their faces light up. I believe in random acts of kindness, and that we do have good people doing great things. But, there will come a time when you will have to really do what makes you happy. Let’s face it in realistic terms, you will not be able to make everyone happy. If you are, then you are doing something wrong. Your friends and family will understand and if they don’t they will once they see how much change it brings to your life. It will be positive, trust me.

3. Make you #1

This is the one goal that is the hardest to meet, for myself. I know that it may sound selfish, but did you notice that the most accomplished people tend to put themselves first. It is a skill, and I wish I had learned this earlier. I find that you can be there for everyone, and still make time for yourself. Don’t become so consumed with other’s worries and their problems. The truth is you cannot take them away, but you can be there to listen and serve as the shoulder for the person to lean on you. I learned this the hard way, I consumed myself into everyone else and almost lost sight of what I needed to do. We are all inherently raised to help others, but I think that at times we tend to lose ourselves in the process. Make a list of what you want to do for you and slowly make it happen. Set goals and you will see how much happier you will be. Why not invest in yourself? It will be worth it. Trust me.

I know that it is easier said than done, but really try to follow the steps above and you will really feel like you are moving towards your own personal realization. It took me time and I am happy that I took the time to really appreciate the “aha” moments in my life. It has really put things into perspective and I cannot be anymore happier than that!

  1. Varsha on Tuesday 23, 2009

    Excellent post! Well said, I believe in these exact same principles. As a healer, we are taught to take care of ourselves first, because only when you are happy and healthy can you truly help others. Its funny how it works, but that is how its done. Do you what makes you happy, follow your own dreams and path, and take care of yourself, are the basic principles of prosperity,

    Well stated! I look forward to reading more of your posts…keep it up!

    Health and happiness,


  2. admin on Tuesday 23, 2009

    Thank you Varsha! It is great to know that from your perspective this is a great approach. :0)