I believe we all have secrets. Some are sentimental, endearing, tragic, accidental, and even harmful. You have to be a person that can handle such secrets – the good, the bad, and the ill-fated ugly. What keeps a secret under wraps? It takes a person with zero ulterior motive and trust to hold these very private secrets.

I have been fortunate to have such amazing people in my life. There have been some that have left a footprint in my life, which will remain with me for the rest of my life. Then there are some secrets that I still hold for those who are no longer in my life.
The thing about secrets is that some people may use it against them for their own benefit. I believe that secrets are what keeps some people together and other apart.

I have a former friend whom I believed would be by my side throughout our phases in life. Perhaps time or selfish motives changed everything. In the time that we were friends we shared many memories and secrets. Of course, was I thoroughly disappointed and hurt when I was brutally ignored and put aside in the most crucial time for a friendship? Absolutely.

Someone else in my position would have likely been one to confront and put the matter to rest. I however, feel that by just letting go and realizing that I did nothing wrong helps me to work through what happened. I realize that it takes the other person’s effort to make things right. My tendency is to forgive and embrace a friendship – but this time around the likelihood is that it will take me a little longer.

We shared many secrets and those I will keep with me, as it is not my right to reveal them. in friendships, you have to realize that when things do not go right we can put our best foot forward and that is usually enough. Remember, it takes two people to make any relationship work.

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