Clearing the Air

The most challenging part of life is to admit what you want. For example, some people find it hard to admit that they are hurting, or that they are alone. Others find it a challenge because the minute they put themselves in that position it for some reason makes them vulnerable to emotions that they wanted to avoid in the first place. I should know I still go through this time and time again. It is hard because the mind has a way of just really making you feel like you made the biggest mistake by admitting how you really feel. You feel that by placing your feelings and aspirations out in the universe will somehow, work against you.

Trust me I know this all to well. I feel that when I do come to terms with what I really want and put it out in the universe — things seem to feel like they are going the opposite way. It is natural, but don’t lose hope or faith in yourself. If you cannot believe in yourself then you cannot expect others to follow suit either. So take a moment and clear the air for you – don’t listen to others it will only make it harder for you. Take a deep breath and focus on what your heart is telling you. You cannot go wrong with that. ☺

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