Defining Yourself

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you want to be known for you. It may sound unclear but I am all for having my own style and if someone imitates me then it’s the most amazing type of flattery that exists. Forget all the materialistic definition of you. I am really talking about who you are as a person — the colorful and exuberant woman/man that you are.

The one that greets someone with a warm smile or someone who just likes to stay in the limelight in a room filled with extroverts and introverts alike. I love to observe people and really take notice. Some people like to socialize and others like to keep in their own circles. Occasionally, I will meet someone who is a stranger in the room so I befriend them. I have been that one person at one time, in a room full of strangers. I had dozens upon dozens of pairs of eyes on me with zero probability of anyone being kind enough to allow me in their circle. I applaud those that are welcoming to others that are new – that is character. That is what defines you in that one moment where you can make that split second decision to think for yourself and not so much about what others may think of you.
To think for yourself and not following the crowd is not always easy. We all make mistakes in judging people, at times we know right away and in some rare cases like mine I realized it at the most opportune time. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it is true. It is usually a situation that defines who you are. I know that I am constantly trying to be a better person. My passion for learning will forever be the foundation for growth.

So the next time you are in that ‘room’ take a moment and decide whether you want to be the leader or the one that follows the crowd.

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